skating music friends and a bloody mary
Ich bin jetzt 1/2 jahr auf sportentzug - was werd ich wohl zunehmen XD(stand heute:70kg; trainiere noch ca. 2-3x die woche)
der verliert doch bestimmt noch 2 kilo
naja ein kilo nimmt der an muskelmasse ab...
also ob sich da was aendern wuerde...
ein kilo kommt bestimmt drauf
oder auch zwei
73kg wird die waage sagen !
*meditier* budda sagt 4 kilo werden ansetzen
mal gucken, ob der seie fueße noch mal wieder sieht mehr als 5 bestimmt !
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5 kilos of farmer cheese

money makes the world go round, some people say a
nd as it does so, it changes hands frequently. imagine a "week in the life of a dollar note" and tell its story.



once upon a time ...

... there was a dirty little dollar note.

one of its edges was biten off and it already got folded about 1million times.

koffee, koks and other white powders touched it at least twice a day, but today morning it belonged to a kiddo named todd spooner. he wasn't interested in drugs, neither koks nor koffee, - so he just collected these green papers which had the faces of peaple on it todd had never seen in his teenie magazine. he actually had no intrest in anyting until now - to be precisely - until today 12.30 a.m.

12.30 a.m. that was the time when todd saw this beautiful thing he couldn't describe better than the damn best thing he had ever seen. its round body formed like a cylinder - diameter equal to its high... a 5kilo box of farmer's chese. todd immediately fell in love with it and bought it this afternoon with the dollar had had hidden under his pillow. tears in his eyes, he gave the dollar to the fat salesman who took it threw it into his cash. this howling kiddo bored him - he just wanted to go back into the garden smoke his joint he had evenly enlightened. heaved the 5 kilos of shit he had never liked onto the counter and watched this annoying mistake of god's nature run away with his - what had it been? no matter...

to come back to the dollar he felt quite comfortable next to the 50cents and 5ers - he got more self confidence seeing these round overweighted idiots got nothing to him!

so we see that racism also is an issue of money - don't give the NPD money by having them as a party in germany !!!


if you find any sence in the text above (that last paragraph not included) tell me


see ya"

11.12.07 16:24

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